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Classical conditioning of the nictitating membrane (NM) eyeblink reaction in rabbits is an invaluable version approach for the research of the neurobiology of studying and reminiscence. This paradigm that's so good defined on a organic point has additionally been utilized to stories of basic improvement over the existence span and to cases of irregular developmental phenomena.

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Since the front is a dangerous place, the thicker the fish are, the more each individual fish is protected from predators. Also, fish of the same size (and age) seem to cluster together. Scientists think this is a protection strategy, too. if a smaller fish swam with larger ones, it would look different and stand out to predators. Scientists are discovering that the makeup of a fish school and its advantages can be very complicated. species, are called shoals. Shoals also help protect individuals from predators and increase the chance that all of the fish will find food.

3 Colonies of Ultimate Cooperators the firSt indicAtion that they are on the move is an ominous hissing sound. Then, should any living thing even twitch in a panic to escape, strong pincer-like jaws grab and tear at flesh. With dozens, hundreds, thousands of fiery bites, the victim is overwhelmed and torn to pieces. They seem to act as one animal, or at least under the direction of a single brain, but they do not. They are African army ants on the hunt, and they are members of groups that are some of the most coordinated and cooperative on Earth.

These birds are more likely to survive a long, tiring migration when they fly as a flock instead of on their own. 58 AnimAl life in groupS A NEED FOR A CHICK each pair of emperor penguin parents is extremely attached to its chick. if a chick dies, female penguins may try to kidnap a chick from another penguin pair. As a result, fights can break out. usually, the true parents are successful in protecting their chick, but sometimes the kidnappers win. most kidnappers care for the chick for only a few hours.

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