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Revised and up-to-date, containing over 5,000 entries, with over 1,100 extra entries than within the past version, Animal habit table Reference, moment variation: A Dictionary of habit, Ecology, and Evolution presents definitions for phrases in animal habit, biogeography, evolution, ecology, genetics, psychology, information, systematics, and different similar sciences. Formatted like a regular dictionary, this reference offers definitions in a brief- and easy-to-use kind. for every time period, the place acceptable, you receive:Multiple definitions indexed chronologicallyTerm hierarchies summarized in tablesDefinition sourcesDirectives that express the place an idea is outlined less than a synonymous identify, and ideas relating to focal onesNon-technical and out of date definitionsPronunciations of chosen termsCommon-denominator entriesSynonymsClassifications of organisms and outlines of many taxaOrganizations concerning animal habit, ecology, evolution, and similar sciencesStill the main entire paintings of its sort, Animal habit table Reference, moment variation: A Dictionary of habit, Ecology, and Evolution will enhance your medical communique, fairly within the fields of animal habit, evolution, ecology, and similar branches of biology. when you are a instructor, pupil, author, or lively in technology in anyway, this ebook will end up to be considered one of your most beneficial assets.

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Amorphic allele□See allele: amorphic allele. ࡗ AMPA receptor□See 2receptor: AMPA receptor. ࡗ ampherotoky □ See parthenogenesis: amphitoky. ࡗ amphi- prefix 1. On both, or all, sides; at both ends (Michaelis 1963). 2. Around (Michaelis 1963). 3. “Of both kinds; in two ways” (Michaelis 1963) [Greek amphi, around] ࡗ amphiclexis□See selection: epigamic selection. ࡗ amphigamy□See -gamy: amphigamy. a 19 ࡗ amphigenesis□See -genesis: amphige- nesis. ࡗ amphigony□n. “Sexual reproduction involving cross-fertilization” (Lincoln et al.

Cooperative altruism, nepotistic altruism, regular altruism, social donorism, true altruism) C. extreme altruism D. imposed altruism E. low-cost altruism F. parental altruism G. reciprocal altruism H. reproductive altruism I. weak altruism II. The actor and recipient are conspecific nonrelatives: A. altruistic altruism B. imposed altruism C. low-cost altruism D. reciprocal altruism E. weak altruism 1963, 1964, 13; Alcock 1979, 400; Wittenberger 1981, 60). Note: Some Humans and workers of ants, bees, Naked Mole Rats, Termites, and wasps show this kind of altruism.

In termites: an immature individual without any external trace of wing buds or soldier characteristics (Wilson 1975, 587). 3. ). adj. larval cf. animal names: juvenile, pupa Comment: “Larvas” is the anglicized plural (Buchsbaum et al. 1987, 502). □planulae [PLAN new la, PLAN new LEE]□The freely moving, ciliated embryo of certain cnidarians, including hydroids (Michaelis 1963). Note: A planula might have evolved into the first Porifera, Cnidaria, and Platyhelminthes. See planula. adj. , pl. pupae 1.

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