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The Hadith are believed to be the phrases of the Prophet, memorised by way of his fans and written down within the first or moment centuries AH. this can be a transparent advent to the arguments surrounding either the Hadith and the records themselves. evaluating the perspectives recommend within the Hadith with these of the Qur'an, it takes the scholar via all features of the Hadith in transparent and obtainable phrases.

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The Makkans had difficulty in taking Mu]Jammad seriously. He had already spent a lifetime among them without showing any signs of the clairvoyance which he now appeared to be claiming to possess. 7 They saw him as a moderately prosperous merchant, one of their own kind. What he now alleged about an afterlife was to them a clear absurdity. All knew that life is snuffed out by death. In a short time, the buried corpse decomposes and crumbles to dust. It was mere madness to suggest to hard-headed businessmen that sorne sort of trial could be held at which the arraigned was a handful of dust indistinguishable from the din in which it lay and with which it would saon merge.

For the Muslim, the revelation is deposited in the Book. The Quran did not result from divinely-inspired human authors recollecting past events. It was composed by God Himself. 42 Muhammad was a mere mortal who was chosen to be the conduit of this divine revelation. Being a mortal, he could not be expected to perform miracles. The age of miracles had passed. They had been useful in bringing men to believe, but had proved useless in preserving the purity of belief and doctrine. Let the fact of revelation be miracle enough.

At first, that had been a general abstract riposte restricted to the question of the historical fact of prophethood and of revelation, of which he now alleged that his mission was the continuation and renewal. Arriving at Yathrib with the guarantees won by his tireless negotiations, he began 8 THE MISSION OF THE PROPHET in his new surroundings on reasonably satisfactory political ground. The early decrees which he had issued had included the Jewish clans in the political undertakings by which he had bound the numerous clans to his own émigré group.

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