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Your face feels sizzling, your muscle mass tighten, you spot red—you are angry...and you do not know what to do approximately it. utilizing real-life examples and quotations, AN indignant GUY'S consultant discusses the organic, emotional, and social results of anger and gives research-based information regarding getting help and dealing with it. Take a quiz to determine while you are competitive, passive, or assertive, and take the 1st steps to enhance the way you take care of anger.

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What Happens When You Get Mad? When you are angry, your body produces larger amounts of certain hormones—special chemical substances that can influence behavior and mood. The hormone adrenaline increases the rate of blood flowing through your body, while another hormone, cortisol, gives a quick burst of energy. A Rush of Adrenaline Causes Shortness of breath Flushed skin Rigid, tensed muscles Tightened jaw, shoulders, hands Fragmented thoughts Agitation Trembling You’re More Likely to Get Angry If you’re in poor health.

But what is known is that emotions—which include anger, fear, love, joy, jealousy, and hate—are a normal part of the human system. They are responses to situations and events that trigger bodily changes, motivating you to take some kind of action. Some studies show that the brain relies more on emotions than on intellect in learning and in making decisions. Being able to identify and understand the emotions in yourself and in others can help you in your relationships with family, friends, and others throughout your life.

Choose the answer that best describes how you would behave in each of the following situations: Your friend keeps interrupting with advice and comments when you’re showing your new video game to the other guys. A. Give him a shove and tell him to cut it out. B. Let him talk. After all, he already owns the game and knows how to play it. C. Tell him that you want to show the features you know first. Then he can have a turn. Your coach yelled at you in front of the other players for not passing the ball more often.

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