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By Justin B. Dyer, David L. Boren

The statement of Independence has been the topic of competing interpretations when you consider that its adoption through the Continental Congress at the Fourth of July 1776, and for almost and a part centuries the political rules expressed in its preamble have encouraged reform events either at domestic and in a foreign country. From the early debates at the nature of the yankee Republic to abolitionism, progressivism, the civil rights circulate, and modern debates approximately American fiscal and international coverage, the announcement is, because it has been, a colourful and dynamic, even though perennially disputed, resource of yank beliefs.

The current quantity brings jointly a number of speeches and writings relating to the contested that means and legacy of the statement of Independence, and many of the records assembled jointly display how competing interpretations of the statement have formed, and been formed through, political clash in the United States. The announcement is likely to be our "national soul," as Charles Sumner wrote in 1860, yet american citizens have not often spoken of it with one voice. American Soul: The Contested Legacy of the statement of Independence paints, with vast strokes, an image of the debates that experience formed a nation.

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Or is it, that among acts of coercion, acts by which life or liberty are taken away, and the pursuit of happiness restrained, those only are unlawful, which their delinquency has brought upon them, and which are exercised by regular, long established, accustomed governments? In these tents they have outdone the utmost extravagance of all former fanatics. The German Anabaptists indeed went so far as to speak of the right of enjoying life as a right unalienable. To take away life, even in 18 Chapter 4 the Magistrate, they held to be unlawful.

WE therefore the representatives of the United States of America in General Congress assembled, [appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World for the Rectitude of our Intentions] do, in the name & by authority of the good people of these states [colonies], [solemnly Publish and Declare] reject and renounce all allegiance & subjection to the kings of Great Britain & all others who may hereafter claim by, through, or under them; we utterly dissolve & break off all political connection which may have heretofore subsisted between us & the people or parliament of Great Britain; and finally we do assert and declare [that] these [United] colonies [are, and of Right ought] to be free and independant states, and that as free & independant states they shall hereafter [that they] have [full] power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, & to do all other acts and things which independant states may of right do.

A Revolution which, in onehalf of that world, has already restored man to his “long lost liberty,” and government to its only legitimate object, the happiness of the People: and, on the other hemi-sphere, has thrown a light so strong, that even the darkness of despotism is beginning to recede. Compared with the solid glory of an achievement like this, what are battles, and what are the pomp of war, but the poor and fleeting pageants of a theatre? What were the selfish and petty strides of Alexander, to conquer a little section of a savage world, compared with this generous, this magnificent advance towards the emancipation of the entire world!

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