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By Ralph Fletcher

Will the true Rowan Pohi please stand?
To dispel boredom whereas anticipating 10th grade to start, Bobby and his acquaintances create an imaginary child named Rowan Pohi (that’s IHOP backwards) and follow to the distinguished Whitestone Prep in Rowan’s identify. whilst, unusually, Rowan’s program is authorized, Bobby all of a sudden reinvents himself as Rowan and embarks on an edgy lifetime of deception within the rarefied global of Whitestone. informed with Ralph Fletcher’s trademark combination of humor and intensity, the tale of Rowan’s upward thrust and fall is a humorous, poignant, and suspenseful riff at the adolescent look for identity.


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In time, I learned that Justine’s appetite was as healthy as it had ever been, but she was so worried about the younger kids getting enough to eat that she was on a selfimposed and secret diet. Her concern about the family’s finances and the state of her parents’ marriage weighed heavily on her shoulders. Justine wasn’t worried, as Greg was, about whether or not she personally would survive; she was worried about how her family would survive as a whole and how they would manage. Though Justine’s worry was of a much different kind from Greg’s, that did not make it any easier to dismiss.

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