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By Alain Roques, Marc Kenis, David Lees, Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Jean-Yves Rasplus, David B. Roy

This publication offers the fi rst accomplished overview of the fauna of alien terrestrial arthropods that experience colonized the eu continent and its linked islands. without delay resulting from the DAISIE venture, this is often the results of the joint paintings of 89 authors from 27 diversified eu nations. The booklet summarizes current wisdom of the arthropod invasion strategy, from temporal traits and biogeographic styles, to pathways and vectors, invaded habitats, and ecological and within your budget affects. a complete of 1590 species alien to Europe, together with crustaceans, myriapods, mites, spiders, and bugs, are indexed in volumes and 21 separate chapters that element the several taxonomic teams. for every species, all key details - feeding regime, date and nation of fi rst list in Europe, invaded international locations, invaded habitats, plant or animal host - is provided. extra specific factsheets are supplied for the eighty species thought of to be so much consultant of different pathways of creation and of the variety of affects on ecosystems, monetary actions and human and animal wellbeing and fitness.

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America Asia Asia Native range 2006, ITSIC 1976, FR 1989, FR 1982, FR 2001, IT AL, AT, BE, BG, CH, CY, CZ, ES, ESCAN, FR, GR, GR-CRE, HU, HR, IL, IT, ITSIC, MT, NL, PL, NO, PL, PT, RS AL, AT, BA, BE, CH, CY, ES, ES-CAN, FR, GR, HR, IT, IT-SAR, ITSIC, IL, MT, NL, NO, PT, RO, RS, RU IT-SIC, IT FR AL, IT 1st record in Invaded Europe and countries and country islands I2 Jacaranda mimosifolia Bella et al (2007) Polyphagous Aguilar & Martínez (1979), Arzone (1979), leaf miner Carles-Tolra and Andersen (2002), Cerný and Vála (2006), EPPO (2006), Gederaas et al.

1756 Sofia, Bulgaria 20 Museo Civico di Zoologia, Via U. fr) Academic editor: David Roy | Received 31 August 2009 | Accepted 24 May 2010 | Published 6 July 2010 Citation: Lopez-Vaamonde C et al. (2010) Lepidoptera. Chapter 11. In: Roques A et al. (Eds) Alien terrestrial arthropods of Europe. BioRisk 4(2): 603–668. 50 Abstract We provide a comprehensive overview of those Lepidopteran invasions to Europe that result from increasing globalisation and also review expansion of species within Europe.

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