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By Robert C. Owen

Does most likely persevered U.S. involvement in counterinsurgencies demand including really expert airplane, education, or different assets to the overall airlift fleet? as a rule, present U.S. airlift forces can accomplish so much such missions successfully. yet endured operations most probably would require reinforcement of the overall airlift fleet and, might be acquisition of a small fleet point optimized for definite counterinsurgency missions.

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S. Marine Corps applied airlift to its counterinsurgency operations in Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, and elsewhere. S. S. Government Printing Office, [1940] 1987, pp. 21–24. 9 For a broad treatment of primarily the British and French experiences in using airpower in counterinsurgencies, see Philip Anthony Towle, Pilots and Rebels: The Use of Aircraft in Unconventional Warfare 1918–1988, London: Brassey’s, 1989. 10 The United States provided the canonical example of counterinsurgency airlift during the Vietnam War.

Expeditionary forces into Kuwait and Iraq rather than to stop Soviet tank divisions in the Iranian mountains. 2 This inability to predict precisely the types, numbers, and mix of airlift aircraft needed in the wars the country actually will fight, as opposed to the ones visualized and precisely defined in the planning documents the Joint Staff or the Air Force generate to set budgeting guidelines, is unavoidable. The lag between initially identifying requirements for new aircraft and bringing them into the operational fleet is so long—typically on the order of decades rather than years—that the structure of the airlift fleet is likely always to differ significantly from the force that would be ideal to support actual operations.

Counterinsurgency Operations also on moving large conventional forces over the Atlantic or Pacific to resist Soviet or North Korean attacks on Europe or South Korea, respectively. The fall of the Soviet Union left airlift planners with only a North Korean attack or other so-called major regional contingencies for justifying an airlift force structure. S. ”4 Earlier documents presumed that conventional threats took precedence over unconventional ones and that the forces acquired to support conventional war plans would have to suffice if the country had to fight other kinds of wars.

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