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By Jack B. Hardy

A publication approximately writing experience video games in 3 diversified programming languages: Pilot, Microsoft uncomplicated, and Atari 8K easy

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Although they are printed in readable form for the player, anyone keying in the program will have less understanding of what is happening and therefore have more fun when the adventure can finally be played. THE OBJECTIVE To explore the Halls of Death, to find an invisible Golden Treasure Chest, and to return to room number 1. ) THE OBJECTS NOTE: I$(n) will contain the name of each item and I(n) will hold the room number. OBJECT LOCATION Iron key Gold key Funnel Bag of gold Glass Board Scroll Potion Dictionary Book Brass key Shovel Torch Matches Sword Acid (2) Wand Magic ring Silver key Ladder Fish Room #1 Room #2 Room #3 Room #4 Room #16 Room #20 Room #24 Room #25 Room #27 Room #30 Room #33 Room #34 Room #46 Room #46 Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo Limbo 40 INTERACTIVE ADVENTURES THE MAP Entrance Iron key tDo~ Up (Pit] I lDown If player has objects he will be transported to j,1 I "'" I Room 451 Narrow passageway Torch Matches r ~ 46 ~ Player needs to light torch 35 37 "'-----'47 \ Very small ..

LOCATION16 C:#W=13 C:#S=17 C:SAREA=ON A NARROW LEDGE C:SITEM=WATER RUNNING DOWN THE WALLS. LOCATION18 C:SAREA=AT THE BOTTOM OF A LEDGE C:SITEM=[inversel •• THE TREASURE •• 35 36 INTERACTIVE ADVENTURES [inverse off] 1340 C:ttT=1 1350 JI:*PRINT And a way to get to each one: 3150 M:NI4 ,N15 ,N16 ,N17 ,N18 , 3160 JM:*LOCATIONI4,*LOCATIONI5,*LOCAT TIONI6,*LOCATIONI7,*LOCATIDNI8 Note: In Location 18, the treasure status is set to one. Add the f'o llowing line to the print routine: 1670 J(ttT=I):*WIN Add the win routine.

If all is welL a bell will sound. a message will be displayed. and the bottom of the screen will clear. Remember. this is Location 1 and there is no way to go up from here. In order to have some new places to go. more locations will have to be added to the program: BLACKBEARD'S TREASURE 25 120 *LOCATION2 130 C:#S=1 140 C:#E=5 150 C:$ITEM=NOTHING SPECIAL 160 C:$AREA=ON A SANDY BEACH 170 J:*PRINT 200 *LOCATION3 220 C:#N=1 230 C:#E=5 235 C:#W=4 240 C:$ITEM=NOTHING OF INTEREST 260 C:SAREA=ON A ROCKY BEACH.

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