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By P.G. Kistemaker and N.M.M. Nibbering (Eds.)

Those complaints, containing the texts of the invited lectures, conceal all elements of mass spectrometry together with thought, basic reviews, functions and instrumentation. Emphasis is put on fresh advancements. a whole directory of the posters is incorporated

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Figure 30 illustrates this experiment and Scheme 1 shows the species which are involved. The possibility that analogs can be discovered using this approach is another driving force in the work. Chemical modifications to DNA There can hardly be a more important task in science than the discovery of the molecular processes by which carcinogenesis proceeds. This is one area in which the impressive capabilities of mass spectrometry with respect to sensitivity, speed and molecular specificity of analysis still fall far short of what is required [65].

Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Processes J18/J19 (1992) 37-70 47 that the resonance frequencies are independent of the excitation amplitude, but suffers from differential z ejection (see below) of ions of different m/z. Another way to achieve position-independent ICR orbital frequency is the introduction of grounded screens placed just inside the trapping electrodes to shield the interior of the trap from the trapping potential [73]. The screened trap effectively replaces the quadratic trapping potential by a "particle-inbox" potential, and significantly reduces the trapping shift in ICR orbital frequency, yielding higher mass resolving power, higher mass accuracy, and potentially higher upper mass limit.

G. /Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Processes 118/119 (1992) 1-36 namely MS" experiments can be performed [40]. Figure 17 shows such data for the case of the 15 amino acid peptide (SSEGESPDFPEELEK). Note that the majority of the fragment ions are assigned to amide bond cleavage with formation of C-terminal, protonated immonium ions (y-type ions). The MS2 and MS3 spectra, obtained on a total of 2 pmol of material, exhibit high quality information on the amino acid sequence. Similar information can be obtained on the doubly- and triply-protonated forms of peptides generated by electrospray ionization [41] and this method is being used to elucidate the structures of unknown peptides [42].

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