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The current quantity includes a number of papers awarded on the twenty first and twenty second Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop held on the college of California, Santa Cruz and the college of Stuttgart. The contributions offer insightful discussions of a number of issues of present curiosity for syntactic thought at the foundation of comparative info from quite a lot of modern and ancient Germanic languages. The theoretical concerns explored contain: the left outer edge, with a couple of contributions referring to the professionals and contras of cartographic debts; varied facets of note order and the way it arises from move and clause constitution; the interaction of thematic kin and case idea with the conclusion of DPs; and the therapy of finiteness and modal buildings. This publication is of curiosity to syntacticians operating in a comparative viewpoint and to complicated undergraduates.

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2001a. L’ ordine degli elementi della frase e le costruzioni marcate.  1, 129–208. Bologna: il Mulino. Benincà, P. 2001b. The position of topic and focus in the left periphery. In Cinque & Salvi (Eds), 39–64. Benincà, P. & Poletto C. 2004. Topic, focus, and V2: Defining the CP sublayers. ), 52–75. Cardinaletti, A. 1984. Die Syntax der linken Peripherie des deutschen Satzes. Tesi di Laurea, University of Venice. Cardinaletti, A. 1986. Topicalization in German: Movement to Comp or base-generation in TOP?

B. *Chi la causa della rivolta è stato? who the cause of the riot has been? Notice that inverse copular sentences have certain similarities with RP in that they involve raising of (a part of) a predicate to the status of topic and are root structures in English (Guéron 1994). In Italian, however, they are non-root and pattern with locative and dative PP fronting (Cardinaletti 2004: 125). 31 The parallelism we have established between Italian RP and subject-verb inversion constructions in English is confirmed by their common syntactic (postverbal heavy subjects) and pragmatic (non-subject topics) peculiarities.

Does not detect any difference between (82a) and (82b). She requires a heavy subject in (82a) as well. I have nothing to say about the English-internal variation indicated by the different judgments of (82a). On a (wh-)moved Topic in Italian, compared to Germanic  Rizzi and Shlonsky adopt a theory of locality in which whole chains and not just positions are relevant for the calculation of locality. The traces of the heavy DP in (84b) are only part of the chain of the shifted phrase. Suppose that something similar happens in Italian RP.

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