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By Major Donald V. Phillips

This examine examines the making plans, execution, and result of US army involvement within the 1970 Cambodian incursions. Named Operation Rockcrusher, the assaults detailed North Vietnamese sanctuaries in formally impartial Cambodia. Strategic assistance for the operation mirrored the Nixon administration's wish to continue with troop savings and fast "Vietnamize" the conflict in Southeast Asia. Efforts to set stipulations for a U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, together with a covert bombing crusade of Cambodia, failed. those elements, in addition to a deteriorating political state of affairs inside of Cambodia, ended in approval of the attacks. The thesis describes the operational and tactical targets that have been derived from the strategic scenario. Then, through discussing key parts of the crusade, the research examines how good the USA military finished those goals. Reviewed in the context of chosen battlefield working platforms, the operation finds a determined "mixed bag" of good fortune and...

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56} As relations with Washington worsened, Cambodia confronted several incidents of Thai and South Vietnamese harassment and violations of Cambodian territory. This included support of the Khmer Serei or Free Khmer. As anti-Sihanouk rebels, they received arms and training from ARVN units and their American advisors. The Prince responded by open denunciation and the formation of Khmer Krom mercenaries. Through Sihanouk's instigation, these ethnic Cambodians attempted to destabilize Vietnamese border provinces.

These coordinates came through a special security channel and corresponded to Communist Base Area 353 in the Fishhook region of the Cambodian border. Due to the delicate political status of Cambodia, only a select few in MACV and the Pentagon knew of the raid's actual location. The planes headed toward authorized targets within South Vietnam, veering over the border for a few brief minutes to deliver their payloads. {83} This raid and nearly 500{84} others to follow fell under the Pentagon's designation of MENU.

Second, ARVN forces would receive the brunt of Communist pressure. Replacement units were to be isolated and neutralized so they could not assume the responsibilities of the departing Americans. The third objective consisted of a massive drive to improve existing Communist military and political structures damaged during Tet. {87} Faced with an uncooperative enemy, MACV and Washington reviewed contingencies to respond to the North Vietnamese strategy. Two constants guided their plans: troop redeployments would remain on schedule and Vietnamization milestones would be met.

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