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The chiropractor gave her a long look and asked her a defining question. Did she want to keep the baby? When Barbara nodded through her tears, the man took her mother aside and talked her into taking Barbara home. The years that followed were difficult at best. Barbara’s grandmother kept her daughter while Barbara attended college, graduated, and began teaching. Barbara studied hard in school and worked several jobs to meet expenses. Eventually, she became a successful school principal and a savvy businesswoman.

In addition, the cleaning of the uterus can cause scarring. Multiple abortions tend to increase these factors, which can lead to the inability to carry a pregnancy to term in later attempts. In order to minimize this possibility, a woman who wishes to become pregnant after having one or more abortions should consult with her physician, who can determine whether scarring or a weakened cervix is a potential problem. As long as an abortion is performed by a competent physician in a reputable hospital or clinic setting, the chances of being left infertile or miscarrying a future pregnancy are very slight.

2003: Congress passes the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, which includes a provision to protect a woman’s health. The Supreme Court upholds the ban in 2007. Is Abortion a Constitutional Right? around the world shows that placing restrictions on abortion to make it harder to obtain has much more to do with making it less safe than making it rarer,”17 says Susan Cohen, director of government affairs at the Guttmacher Institute. Illegal abortions, pro-choice supporters point out, are still abortions.

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