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3. Ground rules Make sure the students know what is expected of them by way of preparation? That they understand when it is appropriate to contribute, to raise a question or to challenge points made by others? Select tasks appropriate to the aims of the session? g. the chance to draw on their own resources and experiences, but also share with and learn from others)? Ensure tasks early in the session(s) enable all to be involved? Make sure the outcomes from one task lead to another? Give clear and succinct instructions?

Build students' ideas into own explanations? 1 Checklist for group-based learning. Adapted from Day K, Grant R, Hounsell D. Reviewing Your Teaching. 1998. Teaching Small Groups Encourage all students in the group to contribute, to talk to each other (as well as the tutor)? Avoid dominating the proceedings? g. to restrain the vociferous, to encourage the silent, to defuse unhelpful conflict)? 27 9. Encouraging participation 10. e talking into account their backgrounds and prior knowledge)? 11. Monitoring Provide opportunities for the group to take stock and to review its effectiveness as a learning group?

Participate in activities to enhance your feedback skills; for example, attend development workshops, observe others providing feedback. The feedback receiver The goal for feedback providers is to increase learners’ comfort and skill in seeking, receiving and using feedback. While learners may see the need for feedback to enable improvement, tension often 32 ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine exists between wanting to hear how one is doing and fearing that one is not measuring up. • • • • • • Identify feedback for your learners – before beginning, tell them you are giving them feedback.

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