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By Schoder R.V., Horrigan V.C.

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151 Similar spectra were observed following incubation of the aldehyde with respiring submitochondrial particles. 151 Bile samples provided spectra consisting of signals from POBN/·CH3 and a second species. The generation of POBN/·CH3 was confirmed using 13 C-labelled acetaldehyde, but the second species did not display 13C-coupling and was, therefore, assigned to a trapped radical centred on an endogenous molecule. The absence of a signal from POBN/·COCH3 was attributed to its instability. The authors proposed that, in addition to undergoing H-abstraction by the ·OH radical to ·COCH3 (which yields ·CH3 upon -scission), acetaldehyde may be oxidised through a mechanism involving nucleophilic attack by either HOO9 or ONOO9.

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