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By Alexander Moseley

Moseley considers conflict from all angles: Christian, Marxist, Platonic, behavioralist, monetary, mental, and organic; he concludes that market-based societies are likely to foster cooperation greater than wrestle. ?

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The Glorious Revolution of 1688, a rebellion overthrowing King James II, was nominally bloodless (in England at least), but the threat of violence was present, since William and Mary landed in Devon with a Dutch army. On the other hand a riot is generally an unorganised affair, it is a sub-war form of collective violence, although the differences in the particular may be blurred at the edges. Interestingly, the phrase “reading the Riot Act” stems from the Riot Act of Britain, introduced in 1715 as a law to disperse groups of more than twelve people.

The Origins of Altruism” in Peter Singer’s The Expanding Circle. Cf. 243, where he argues that in evolutionary logic, a parasite acts to ensure the host’s survival (or the host specie’s survival, for the parasite could terminate an individual life but still flourish if it passes on to others); ultimately the two may interrelate symbiotically and co-operatively. 51—a proposal certainly reflected in the works of Robert Ardrey and Konrad Lorenz. By “extended reason” I mean the capacity to imagine, conjecture, formulate beliefs and arguments.

It happened slowly and gradually so no one noticed until it happened. 15; Ehrenreich, Blood Rites, pp. 2. , the Maring peoples. Cf. 287. Until the proverbial moment captured symbolically and artistically in < 36 > Types of War 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. Stanley Kubrick’s film of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 when a hominid picks up a tool to be used for killing. Ehrenreich, Blood Rites. 103 Liddell Hart, Thoughts on War. Dawson, Origins of Western Warfare. ). 36 His theory suggests a historicist reading of human development that echoes the Hegelian projects of presuming to discern patterns and epochs in history that man must go through or which man’s maturation as a species is judged by but also implies that the previous forms were shed by such developments which I am arguing that they are not.

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