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By William J (William Joseph) 1867- Long

Mooweesuk the Coon is termed the bear's little brother by means of either Indians and naturalists, end result of the many ways within which he resembles the "big prowler within the black coat." An soaking up bankruptcy at the coon's mystery conduct starts this quantity, by way of tales concerning the woodcock, the wildcat, the toad, and plenty of different animals. chapters amazing for his or her willing perception into the hidden lifetime of animals shut this volume,─one on Animal surgical procedure, describing the various ways that wild animals deal with their wounds; the opposite on searching with out a Gun, exhibiting the enjoyment of following even the massive and unsafe animals with the need basically to be close to and comprehend them.

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The origin of species and the law of gravitation are now put in the same comfortable category with the steam engine and the telegraph wire and other things that we think we understand. Meanwhile the air has unseen currents that are ready to bear our messages, and the sun wastes enough energy on our unresponsive planet daily to make all our fires unnecessary, if we but understood. Meanwhile, in the animal world, an immense array of new facts are hidden away, or are slowly coming to light as nature students follow the wild things in their native haunts and find how widely they differ one from another of the same kind, and how far they transcend the printed lists of habits that are supposed to belong to them.

Natty was a gentle, harmless, improvident little man, who would never do any hard word for pay,—it gave him cricks in his back, he said,—but would cheerfully half kill himself to go fishing through the ice, or to oblige a neighbor. So far as he earned a living he did it by shooting and fishing and trapping and picking berries in their several seasons, and by gathering dandelions and cowslips (kewslops he called them) in the spring and peddling them good-naturedly from door to door. Most of his time in pleasant weather he spent in roaming about the woods, or lying on his back by the pond shore where the woods were thickest, fishing lazily and catching fish where no one else could ever get them, or watching an otter's den on a stream where no one else had seen an otter for forty years.

I have had these two things—the new facts and the interpretation thereof—in mind in putting together the following sketches from my note-books and wilderness records. The facts have been carefully selected from many years' observations, with a view of emphasizing some of the unusual or unknown things of the animal world. Indeed, in all my work, or rather play, out of doors I have tried to discover the unusual things,—the things that mark an animal's individuality,—leaving the work of general habits and specific classification to other naturalists who know more and can do it better.

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