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This dictionary is a complete and up to date reference paintings on all facets of the learn of animals. Now absolutely revised for this new version, with over 5,000 entries, it really is perfect for college kids and should be worthy to novice naturalists and all people with an curiosity within the topic. Key positive aspects of this moment version: * large assurance together with animal habit, ecology, body structure, genetics, cytology, evolution, Earth heritage, zoogeography * complete taxonomic assurance of arthropods, different invertebrates, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals * thoroughly revised to include the new discovery of 'extremophiles'--organisms dwelling in environments previously thought of impossibly hostile--and the taxonomic reclassification that this has entailed * New entries on genetics, evolutionary reports, and mammalian body structure

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The belief of scripting this publication used to be conceived whilst, within the overdue Nineteen Sixties, i started instructing a senior undergraduate type typically entomology. I quickly discovered that there has been no compatible textual content for the category I meant to offer. The so-called "general" or "introductory" texts mirrored the normal taxonomic method of entomology and contained really little details at the body structure and ecology of bugs.

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Animal behaviour See ETHOLOGY. animalcule An old name for a microscopic, animal­like organism, particularly a protozoon.  The oldest fossils are burrows of a *coelomate in rocks rather less than 700 Ma old.  These two poles form the anchor points from which *spindle fibres extend to attach to the *centromere of each of the two *homologous chromosomes during cell division. animal starch See GLYCOGEN. anls (Crotophaga) See CUCUUDAE. aniso­ Prefix meaning unequal, from the Greek an and isos, 'not' and 'equal'.

The *intervallum contains rods and bars or *sepia, always with *dissepiments and commonly with *tabulae. Anthomedusae See GYMNOBLASTINA.  More than 1000 species have been described. Anthonomus grandis (cotton boll weevil) See CURCULIONIDAE.  One subfamily, the five genera comprising the Nomadinae, consists entirely of parasitic or cuckoo bees, the females of which have lost the pollen scopa and lay their eggs in the nests of other bee species.  Anthozoans first appeared in the *Ordovician. Anthracosauria A group of early (*Carboniferous and Lower *Permian) reptiles that were transitional from the *Labyrinthodontia.

See also EPIOPHLEBIIDAE.  They had small heads with insignificant teeth, and some forms were toothless. ankylosaurs See ANKYLOSAURIA.  Their fossils are found in rocks dating from the *Cambrian, and possible fossil annelid worms are known from *Precambrian sediments in southern Australia.  The diet consists mainly of insect larvae. There are two species, both found only in California.  Spawning takes place before the onset of the dry season; the adults then die, but the hardy eggs survive, hatching with the arrival of the rains.

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