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By Lama Zopa Rinpoche


In the spring of 1997, i used to be doing retreat in a single of the Vajrapani Institute's stunning cabins while I heard that Zopa Rinpoche was once arriving to wait an FPMT board assembly. That spring, His Holiness the Dalai Lama had given Yamantaka initiation and observation, and that i had numerous questions in regards to the safeguard wheel perform. nearly miraculously, Rinpoche had the time to work out me and that i posed my questions. He spoke back in brief, and concluded via announcing that others would need to benefit approximately this too, so he could train it to the practitioners within the zone. I marveled on the success of having the ability to listen to the extra large teachings staff atmosphere could provide.

In Rinpoche's normal type, prior to he taught the safety wheel element of the sadhana, he lined the previous meditations and hence gave in-depth teachings at the 4 immeasurables, vacancy, and taking dying because the route to dharmakaya. I later transcribed and edited these teachings to create this book.


Editor's Introduction
1 Motivation
2 Introduction
3 The 4 Immeasurables
4 Meditation at the 4 Immeasurables
5 Dissolving into Emptiness
6 the final word Guru, The Deity, and You
7 Meditation on Yamantaka
8 Emptiness
9 the safety Wheel
10 Dedication

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That is what is being negated here. Phenomena are free from that. For example, when you think you do not have money, you think no money existing from its own side. When you say, "I do not have a job," you think there is no job existing from its own side. " The fourth extreme is similar-something that is non-eternalism and non-nihilism existing from its own side. All phenomena are devoid of that extreme. OM SVABHAVA SHUDDHA SARVA DHARMA SVABHAVA SHUDDHO HAM OM SUNYATA jNANA VA]RA SVABHAVA ATMAKO HAM The meaning of the mantra is this: pure, SARVA DHARMA HAM 10 SVABHAVA is all phenomena, means this is me.

Looking at things as pure, not ordinary, is also part of the tantric vows. The tantric vows are like a constitution. They are designed to safeguard you against problems. Each of the tantric vows is important because it protects you from obstacles and thus becomes an essential cause to realize the path and to attain enlightenment. Although you practice tantra, in reality you are not Buddha yet. If you could become a Buddha just by doing that meditation once, then studying the entire path for many years would be unnecessary, superfluous, like an unnecessary burden.

Rinpoche: Let's say that you are going to reincarnate as a woman in you-r next life and become pregnant. You have the potential to do that, dori't you? But just because you have that potential, are you pregnant now? It is similar. If you say you are already Buddha because you have Buddha potential, then you should also be pregnant because you have the potential to be pregnant in a future life. This is according to your philosophy. Lobsang: There is a fallacy in your argument. Rinpoche: Having the potential to be pregnant does not mean you are pregnant now.

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