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4.48 Psychosis sees the final word narrowing of Sarah Kane's concentration in her paintings. The fight of the self to stay intact has moved in her paintings from civil conflict, into the kin, into the couple, into the person, and at last into the theatre of phychosis: the brain itself. This play used to be written in 1999 almost immediately sooner than the playwright took her personal lifestyles at age 28. at the web page, the piece appears like a poem. No characters are named, or even their quantity is unspecified. it may be a trip via one person's brain, or an interview among a physician and his patient.

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He became a "minstrel", the name given to the wandering musicians who moved from place to place, spent their nights in cheap inns, barns, or under the open sky, and passed the hat for contributions. " The young minstrel Schickeneder travelled extensively along the roads of southern Germany. So it was in 1773 in Augsburg he witnessed a performance by Franz Joseph Moser's itinerant troupe. It was an hour ordained by fate: the theater cast its spell over Schikaneder, a spell in whose thrall he would be held for the rest of his life.

He was soon a producer, coping with the pressures of staging a different production virtually weekly, and then began to write plays himself. He was to write about a hundred during the course of his life. Most of them were simply utility pieces needed for the current repertoirefew have survived. They were written quickly and off the cuff so scarcely deserved a better fate. But his first play was an unqualified success, and for good reason. Die Lyranten oder das lustige Elend (The Minstrels or Merry Misery), which Schikaneder had printed immediately after its first performance in Innsbruck in 1776, is one of his better works.

STOCK: Bassist! WIRTIN: Hinaus mit dem Mist! HOSTESS: Get out, get out of my house! SCHOOLMASTER: I'm a teacher HOSTESS: Out, get out! GEORGIE: I'm a sworn juror! HOSTESS: Out, get out! FOOLISHNESS: I'm a traveller! HOSTESS: Out, get out! STOCK: I'm of high birth! HOSTESS: Out, get out! FOOLISHNESS: Fiddler! STOCK: Bass! HOSTESS: Out, out with the rubbish! The eighth aria became a popular song sung throughout southern Germany and in Vienna: Ein Weibsbild ist ein närrisch Ding! Wenn man ihr Komplimente macht, So wird sie gleich verliebt gemacht.

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