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The third matter was the conclusion [ending] of the Diet held by the Confederated States at Frankfurt, the fourth, the arrival of the ambassador of Brandenburg with matters favourable for the confederates. This delayed their arrival at Heidelburg till the 15th September. They then explained their commission to the Administrator, how that the King had learned of the agreement between Sweden and the House of the Palatinate touching the restitution; that he found it strange that there was no mention of him and that he desired the restitution to be complete.

They would have returned to complete their mission to the Administrator if Peebles had not had to stay to report on the condition of the armies, the intentions of the Generals and the plans for the present war. He could not leave the Council because matters concerning the Palatinate were under discussion. One was the arrival of Arnheim, Marechal du Camp of the Saxon army who came to the Chancellor at Gelhausen with important information concerning the Duke of Fridland and his intentions, The other that the King of France desired strongly to make alliance with the confederates; ambassadors were to be sent to him with power to do so under certain conditions.

May 21-31. —My Lord, I understand that there is to be a parliament in Scotland and that you goe to it. I must therefore intreat you that as you have done your best to farther our affaires in England for which I have an infinite obligation to you that you will doe the same now in Scotland that they may shew as much affection to us as the other have done. I will trouble you no further at this time, etc. REPORTS by the COLONELS PEEBLES and DOUGLAS. 1633, September 16. —Douglas arrived at Heidelburg where he saw the Administrator of the Palatinate and waited for Peebles, who had gone to Donauwerth to the Swedish army.

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